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Led by the Staff members of the Executive board, Committees are a great way for students to get involved in supporting the mission of CASC.

Legislative Affairs Committee

The Legislative Affairs Committee is an excellent opportunity for students trying to get involved in our state’s legislative process. Alongside CASC’s Legislative Affairs Coordinator, this committee will work to boost civic engagement in high schools across Connecticut, spread awareness about youth-related issues and legislation, and encourage and inspire students to become more involved in local and state level government. Students involved in this committee will have the opportunity to work directly with like-minded peers, discussing current legislative issues for teens, and developing statements on teen-related legislation on behalf of CASC.


This year's Committee project is to:


  • 2 pieces of legislation to present to the Connecticut General Assembly via our Mock Legislative Day event.

  • A report containing feedback on the pieces of legislation generated during Mock Legislative day as well as 2 additional pieces of legislation from the Connecticut General Assembly and their performance in the aforementioned body. This report will then be presented to both the CASC and Connecticut General Assemblies.

  • Hold open sessions at the beginning and end of the CT general assembly term for students from CASC membership schools. The first will be to establish the structure of Connecticut General Assembly and legislative process, and another at the end summarizing what took place throughout the CT General Assembly session.

Student Workshop Committee

We support people wanting to present workshops by training them and certifying them to become more empathetic leaders.  Our program will help develop a presenter training that will teach students how to effectively run a workshop. 


This year's Committee project is to:

  • Our training will consist of two training sessions a year.

  • At least 10 new Certified CASC Workshop Presenters. They will be given diplomas at the convention. 

Mental Health Committee

The Mental Health Committee seeks to spread awareness about the importance of mental health as well as advocate for people struggling with their Mental Health. The Mental Health Committee aspires to provide resources to people in need. 


This year's Committee project is to:

  • Host a Mental Health Night

  • Create a list of resources as well as a handbook available on 

Service Committee

Check back committee still under development.

Social Media Committee

Check back committee still under development.

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