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All About Connecticut Association of Student Councils

Over 70 years ago, the Connecticut Association of Student Councils was founded and we are on our way to creating something extraordinary.


With time, we’ve grown into a more serious and mature organization, allowing us to take our interests to new levels. When you decide to join us, you too will gain access to various events and, more importantly, to a community of people who are just as passionate as you are.


CASC Vision

The vision of the Connecticut Association of Student Councils is to be the premiere student leadership organization that is the developer, nurturer, and cultivator of future leaders on the local, state and national level.

Our Mission

Through embracing CTRISES, the Connecticut Association of Student Councils aims to foster collaboration and innovation among student leaders and advisers, provide Student Council-Governments with important resources that transcend the classroom, and focus on essential skills for leadership that positively impact communities.

What is CTRISES?

CASC works to implement the following values and beliefs in student councils and governents across Connecticut.

CT - Citizenship: Promote student voice in the school and community.

R - Recognition: Recognize students and staff.

I - Inspiration: Teach and promote student leadership.

S - Service: Serve the needs of the school and or community.

E - Engagement: Teach students and make the school a better place.

S - Spirit: Improve school climate.

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