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District Vice President

Faiza Nadeem ‘23


About: Faiza is currently a junior at the Connecticut IB Academy and has been involved with the Student Advisory Board for two years. This year, they took on the leadership role of planning and running Community Building Day for their CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service) project. They are also involved in many other clubs: Bio-Medical Olympiad, Gender-Sexuality Alliance, CIBA for Social Justice, National Honor Society and the
Abelon Committee. Some hobbies they have are baking and doing nails. They’re very determined to make our school a better and more accepting place for high school students.

Fun Fact: I can solve a rubik’s cube in under a minute.

Goal for CASC this year: Goal for CASC this year: I would like for students to take more of a leadership role within their schools to make schools a more accepting place. Especially regarding mental health and gender acceptance.

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