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CTRISES is a great way for your SCG to establish goals and create plans for the year.  Each SCG should attempt at least one project in each of the CT RISES areas.

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Projects that promote student voice in the school and community.

  • Election with elements found in US Elections

  • Get out the vote campaign

  • School forums

  • Attendance at local town meetings

  • Voter Registration Event

  • Council/Government Operations

Projects that recognize students and staff.

  • Teacher Appreciation baskets

  • Teacher of the month

  • Support Staff of the Year

  • Student Birthday announcements

  • Student of the Year

  • Wall of honor

  • Write “Thank You” Letters for Custodians

  • Student Spotlight

Projects that teach and promote student leadership.

  • CASC President’s Luncheon attendance

  • CASC District Meetings attendance

  • CASC Spring Convention attendance 

  • CASC “Adventures in Leadership.” attendance 

  • Council/Government Retreats

  • Leadership days

  • Community leader guest speaker 

  • Student Leadership Awards

  • Participate in National Student Leadership



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Projects that serve the needs of the school and or community.

  • Cards for Hospitalized Children/ nursing homes

  • Blankets for Babies

  • Blood Drive

  • Food Drive

  • Town wide cleanup

  • Activities with retirement homes

  • Cancer Awareness Week

Projects that teach students and make the school a better place.

  • Anti-Bullying Program

  • Mock car crash

  • Ban the “R” word

  • Memorial Plaque

  • Kindness Campaign

  • Raise Money for Local Family in Need

  • Anti-Drug Campaign

  • Schoolwide Mental Health Awareness Activity

Projects that improve school climate.

  • Movie night

  • Freshmen Welcome

  • Pep Rally

  • Themed dress up days

  • Exam survival kits

  • Flower sales

  • School dance

  • Field Day

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